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Intelligent Asset Management

Remote asset monitoring is critical for understanding the performance of your assets, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and maximising productivity. IOT enabled monitoring can assist with the implementation of CBM (condition based maintenance), extending equipment life and reducing ongoing costs.

Global Satellite Coverage

No matter where your assets are, we have you covered with affordable hourly updates, 24/7 100% global coverage.

Solar Powered

Harness the power of the sun and never worry about replacing batteries.

Sensors for everything

Integrate to any digital or analogue sensor, pressure, level, distance, sound, laser, radar and computer vision.

Extremely tough

Built to survive harsh offshore conditions. Heavy-duty aluminium with IECEX certification.

Asset Information Analysis

Our ENVISION platform enables data driven decision-making through its intuitive, user-friendly browser and mobile based interface. Operational and condition data from INSIGHT devices flows seamlessly into the ENVISION platform, enabling real-time analysis, alerting and reporting.

Monitoring and alerts

Monitor consumable usage and tank levels remotely, reducing waste and optimising logistics. Our platform provides smart predictive forecasting based on usage rates.

Analysis and forecasting

Our platform provides valuable insight in your asset's utilisation, productivity, reliability and performance enabling better informed future procurement decisions.

Location tracking

Geo-fencing - Track the location of your assets and be alerted when they leave or arrive a designated area.

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